Cervical Cancer – Learn the DFMC

D-Did you know?
It takes almost 10years for the organism HPV to change a precancerous lesion into a cancerous lesion – which means by screening a women early in her reproductive life can find the pre cancerous lesion early

It is the fourth most common cancer in women

A simple pap smear or a LBC done when you visit your gynaecologist serves to find these precancerous lesions.

F- freak out when?
When you are having recurrent white discharge , foul smelling discharge or unusual bleeding inbetween cycles and are sexually active then you need to have your cervix screened for these lesions.

M- How to Manage?
Most visible lesions are inoperable and are treated with radiotherapy. Hence it is important to find them at a stage when they are not visible to the naked eye.

C- calm down when?
If you have a pap smear done once in 5 yrs and is negative then stay calm.
Vaccinated women (against cervical cancer) can have their pap smear done less frequently.

Get your pap smear done and Get vaccinated today against the only vaccine preventable cancer !

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