Know the DFMC of blood sugars in pregnancy

Know the DFMC of blood sugars in pregnancy

D – Did you know ?
Sugar testing in pregnancy is mandatory if you are an Indian since we fall under the high risk ethnic group for diabetes unlike Americans who are tested only if they have a family history of diabetes .
F – Freak out when?
Your doctor might ask you to take a test which involves drinking a solution of glucose and giving blood samples at fasting state along with 1hr and 2hr blood samples . According to the IADPSG ( international association of diabetes in pregnancy study group) you fall as a diabetic when your values are more than
Fasting 92 1hr 180 2hr 153 . Ensure your blood tests of this glucose tolerance are seen by your obstetrician at antenatal visit.

M- how to Manage?
Your doctor might try a meal plan for two weeks and repeat the test if your sugars are under control or might start you on pills or insulin injections right away if the blood sugars are high.
C- calm down when?
If you are diagnosed with Diabetes in pregnancy and your sugars are well under control with your baby moving well then you need to calm down . Your obstetrician will know the best to deliver you at the right time .

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