DFMC of Weight gain in Pregnancy

DFMC Of Weight Gain In Pregnancy

Weight gain in pregnancy is no standard measure or same for every pregnant women.

F – Freak out when?
If you are gaining more than 3kgs or not gaining a minimum of 1 kg a month then you need to visit your doctor and get reassured.

M- Monitoring weight gain
If you are a women who was considerably thin with a BMI of <18.5 then pregnancy may your best opportunity to gain weight.You may be allowed to gain upto 14-16kgs

If your BMI is 18.5-24.9 then you may be allowed to gain 10-12 kgs

If your BMI is more than 25 then your doctor may ask you to gain only 6 -8kgs.
All the above weight gain may also vary depending on your other health problems.

C – Calm down when?
Ask your doctor how much you can gain at your visit and ensure you have a balanced diet for a healthy pregnancy.

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