Best Maternity Care in Chennai

The Dhiya Fertility and Maternity Clinic in Chennai is very popular all over south India, generally it is known as DFMC. It has efficient doctors especially to handle women health disorders; it has everything that you would prefer from a world class women care and treatment center.  it’s a well known fertility hospital in Chennai, the DFMC fertility clinic is in the prime location oof Chennai. There are many gynecologists, obstetricians and embryologists in DFMC.  

It has the best women caring doctors, there are two expert doctors in Dhiya Fertility and Maternity Clinic; they’re Dr. Arasi Srivathsan and Dr.Keerthana. First mentioned Dr. Arasi Srivathsan is an efficient consultant at DFMC and specializes in reproductive medicine and endoscopic surgeries. In the field of obstetrics and gynecology she has been well experienced more than 25 years.  The second mentioned Dr. Keerthana is a graduate in obstetrics and gynecology and a specialist in minimal access surgeries such as hysteroscopy, laparoscopy for gynecological problems and diseases. 

Best gynecologist and maternity caring doctor  is easier to book, if you’re a woman facing any gynecological problem don’t hesitate to come  and join DFMC, the best treatment center is always ready at the service to patients.. It has everything that you would prefer from a world class fertility clinic. It’s really a good fortune to Chennai based women having physical health disorders .DFMC in Chennai is the complete women care center in south India. DFMC provides best and dependable services related with women treatment like: reproductive medicine, maternity care, IUI,IVF &ICSI, obstetrics ultra sound scans, 3D & 4D uterine scans and so many.

 The best women care hospital in Chennai is nothing other than DFMC. Everyday large number of women facing infertility and physical health disorders are visiting the expert gynecologists in DFMC and getting back home with full confidence. They well understand the reality that they’ll be getting the complete cure, undoubted Dhiya Fertility and Maternity Clinic ensures most reliability and caring to women. The best maternity care furnisher in Chennai is nothing other than DFMC, truly excellent. 

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