hysteroscopy chennai

Hysteroscopy in Chennai

Many women are in the city especially in Chennai are not really happy, at least a 30% of women lives in the city (not only in Chennai, but in every cities) are experiencing different types of health issues and disorders. Due to many reasons or as per the findings and studies it has been proved that the life style diseases are becoming common and the unhealthy food habits especially with junk food created unpleasant problems in women residing in the cities.

Infertility can be reckon as one of the main health disorder conquered the women in cities, they eats much and less works, the technology and conveniences made women to become lazy at their home, they’re not keen to maintain their health and obviously no exercising habit. The result is nothing other than health issues, diseases and health disorders and infertility is the main problem in city women.

Here is the relevance of Dhiya Fertility & Maternity Clinic; the short form is DFMC at Chennai. It provides Hysteroscopy in Chennai, DFMC has everything like best and expert doctors, equipped with most modern instruments and best and un matched laboratories and diagnosing facilities. Hysteroscopy is one of the meaningful process furnishes under the dexterous handlings of DFMC. It has Dr. Aarasi Srivathsav and dr. Keerthana Ashwin, both the mentioned doctors have to repeatedly say, they’re the back bones of DHMC.

Every day large number of women are visiting the DFMC especially to consult with the mentioned expert doctors. Hysteroscopy is a procedure that allows the doctor to look in to the uterus of a woman in order to diagnose and treat causes of abnormal bleeding. Hysteroscopy is done using a hysteroscope, a thin lighted tube that is inserted in to the vagina to examine the cervix and inside of the uterus.

The above mentioned are the process of Hysteroscopy and Dr. Arasi Srivathsan has the expertise to find the exact reason for infertility and related with the problem she has the sturdy capacity to handle the Hysteroscopy. The women facing the infertility problem has to undergo various treatment processes and the Hysteroscopy in Chennai very effectively handles at DFMC, the women care clinic truly different.

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